Phoenix Rising Lex


Over the last three years we have made many adjustments to our membership program to make it possible for more people to participate. For Phoenix Rising to accomplish its mission and goals, it is critical for us to grow. If you believe in what we are doing – believe in seeing Lexington become a more diverse and caring community that values all of its citizens and their histories, then we invite you to join us. We offer you a chance to serve your community, by helping to unmask, learn, and teach others of the rich history of African American horsemen and women, and the role they played in establishing a vibrant African American community in Lexington, and securing our city’s reputation as America’s Thoroughbred capital.

No other city or town in the country could boast of four future Racing Hall Fame inductees living within a ten-block area of Lexington’s historic East End. When Isaac and Lucy Murphy purchased their mansion on East Third Street, it was deemed significant enough to be mentioned on the front page of the New York Times.

This is a subject that far exceeds one of just a sport. In reality, it reflects a nation in its struggle with enslavement, discrimination, and racism from the first slave ship to land in Jamestown to the present.


  • Pay annual dues of $25 for individuals or $50 for institutional memberships
  • Consider volunteering your assistance for our programs and events
  • Provide us with your email and mailing address and phone number



  • Invitation to all monthly Phoenix Rising board meetings held at 5:30 pm. (time and location to follow)
  • Invitation to all Phoenix Rising sponsored events.
  • Participation in Phoenix Rising volunteer programs
  • Invitations to all Phoenix Rising events and programs
  • Access to selected research files and e-books from shared Google drive
  • One copy of the 63-page booklet, “Black Horsemen of the Kentucky Turf,” published by the
    International Museum of the Horse.